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Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
away in the fight resumes. this wednesday, the house votes on whether to raise the debt ceiling. this bill comes amid a change and strategy for house republicans who decided not to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip in the fight to cut spending the the vote including a provision requiring congress to approve budgets and withholding pay for lawmakers until that happens. urn the legislation, they suspend the debt ceiling through may 18th, and congress raises the by whatever debt was incurred at the time. i don't know how you do that. just expand the ceiling. just not going to pay the credit cards. we don't care. meanwhile, as the dead line approaches, there's a chance the tax refund could be at risk. joining me is the managing direct for wealth health financial planning. rich, great to have you on the show. here's the deal. so congress has enough money to go through february 15th, mid february, about the time everybody starts trying to get the tax refunds. they file taxes. now, i know you are against refunds, but do you think it's possible they delay refunds? >> i'm hopeful it's not. i think the reality is c
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
republicans, saying that they were holding the debt ceiling hostage. there was a threat implicitly from his speech writers that he would use this platform to again go-against republicans. >> would that not be rather unusual? is this not where he transcends the dogfight and becomes the dignified head of state? >> presidents have used it in the past to further their agendas. keep in mind that we have the state of the union speech, saving his harsher attacks for that speech, talking about his vision for the country for the next four years. >> do you think that that will be determined and preoccupied by domestic events? or do you think he will be looking to secure the legacy with a big gesture movement on middle east peace, for example? >> absolutely, the stereotype of second term presidents is that they will go for middle east peace. this president is no exception. he laid the groundwork for that with mohammed morsi a few weeks ago. every indication from the white house is that they will be trying to work on iran and the crisis brewing there. also the crises in syria and somalia. there are ton
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
the republicans and how he is now saying he will not wheel and deal with the debt ceiling. how he is putting his foot down and moving forward, all of the i shall shoes that we want to see changed. i think this is the time. we have a new president. and there's a song that says what are they doing in heaven today? and i'm sure dr. martin luther king, jr., today was cheering the watch party. >> the president, as we're speaking, you're seeing the president is leaving the viewing stand, the parade is over. and he is leaving the viewing stand. that's a live shot of the president and the vice president. leaving the viewing stand and shortly we'll go in and get prepared for the inaugural bats tonight. there will be two of them that the president has publically announced. he will attend the military ball and the regular presidential ball. governor rendell, you've watched and worked with presidents as governor, as the chair of the dnc. tell us from your vantage point the difference between president obama and 2009 and his first inaugural and the president obama we saw today? >> well, the answer is experience, reverend. he's experienced as an executive now. he's experienced as president. he
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
. we know we will deal with this year. debt ceiling, entitlement reform, et cetera, et cetera. right and left, republicans and democrats are diametrically opposed with their orthodoxy. democrats more moderate with republicans on certain things. republicans are more send activity that work with democrats. in the wake of the 2012 election as we look forward what is happening with the president's second term there are historical realities. the country is system of two parties and they compete hard. they compete hard for their agendas and it is not going to be an easy year. a second term is difficult one. the first year of four is really the best, some say only opportunity to pass legislation effectively. after the second year of a second term, on comes the midterm, 2014 will be a very, very important time which will determine by who is ted anated aho wi, what the republican and democratic presidential candidates look like in the back of president obama's second term and who his successor will be. something that has not happened in many years, not at all inconceivable. everyone recognize
Jan 21, 2013 10:00am EST
us. i was kind of pleased to see that the republicans offered a new idea with the debt ceiling a few days ago. that's good. in the last week or so we have seen some changes on the republican side on immigration. a more -- more of an understanding for the need for an immigration policy. the country is becoming more and more diverse and minority. this is good. only in the united states could we handle this kind of diversity and we should be proud of it and we should educate the young people and give those who are not here under legal status an opportunity to gain some kind of legal status. that's what the legal immigration should be all about. and also, climate and gun control and all the other things that are before him. >> how did he get washington off the dime here? what's the first thing? >> one of the things that has gotten so much attention, he doesn't get along with come, doesn't spend enough time with them. i know he's thinking about that. i hope he does reach out more than he has in the first four years and i hope congress is ready to reciprocate. they can't defeat him in the election anymore. today is the day we come together as a nation and dedicat
Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
discussing and said let's get three months on this debt ceiling vote and chuck schumer said we are going to present a budget. that's not such a big deal except where they never present a budget. they don't want to come up with any of the hard choices. every time the democrats do something as obama did on medicare, it's death panels. you have to somehow join hands in order to be able to do this. all the cuts that obama made to medicare, he got blasted for by republicans. >> right. >> good point. >> he got blasted for them by romney. not all the republicans. >> he did decide to use that money to start an entitlement program. it would have been nice to move that money to the side. we will see what happens. you are right. everyone will have to join hands and make the tough choices. the bigger the deal the better the chance to get involved. >> "time" magazine's joe kline and willie geist is live. he's on the parade route. willie geist what do you have coming up next? >> mika, you guys are inside a warm bar. i'm outside in the cold. i'm doing something wrong here clearly. we will update you on
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)